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EB Ibn Fareed

Breeding Contract
  • Between Reg Lowther (“stallion owner “), and (“mare owner”)
  • Introduction
    1. Stallion owner is the owner of the purebred Straight Egyptian Arabian Stallion, EB IBN FAREED CAHR # 47117 (“Stallion”):
    2. Stallion will be standing at:
    Desert Roots
    253 Peters Rd.
    Colborne, Ontario, Canada.
    e-mail :
    Phone: 905 355-1033
    Cell: 905 376-3361
    Web Site:
  • .

    For the fee of $1,000.00 a live foal is guaranteed (LFG.), subject to the following conditions:

    The stallion fee includes a non-refundable booking fee of $200.00, payable with this contract, the balance of which must be paid with other expenses when mare is picked up or when Mare Owner is invoiced, whichever occurs first. Invoices are payable upon receipt. Mare Owner may not remove Mare from Breeder’s possession until all expenses are PAID IN FULL. In the event the Mare Owner dose not pick up Mare after 60 days from vet-checked in-foal, additional charges may apply for boarding of such Mare, including but not limited to forfeiture of said horse for dispersal at sale, for any money owed including any attorney’s fees, sales fees, etc. applicable by the Province of Ontario.

    Mare owner agrees to pay for care and feed at the rate of $12.00 per day for a dry mare; $15.00 per day for a wet mare. Breeder agrees to provide care and feed for the mare and / or foal while in his custody and exercise judgment consistent with the recognized standards in the supervision of mare and foal. Breeders assume responsibility for arranging veterinarian and farrier services, and administer medical care, as deemed necessary, for the health and safety of the mare and / or foal. All veterinarian and farrier expenses will be the responsibility of the Mare Owner.

    Mares that are not halter broken, will not stand tied, or are otherwise difficult or dangerous to handle and mange will not be accepted. Rear shoes will be removed at Mare Owners expense or if removed by Breeder an additional charge of $60.00 will be required. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    Mare shall be in a healthy and in sound breeding condition, free from infectious, contagious, or transmissible diseases. A current negative Coggins Test (within 3 months) , immunization records and date of last worming are required It is recommended that Mare receive a Pre-Breeding Exam and have a Uterine Culture done prior to arrival. If not, Breeder may have a veterinarian examine, vaccinate, test and/ or treat Mare at Mare Owner’s expense. If Mare and/ or foal are trailered to Veterinarian for examination and/ or treatment, a fee of $100.00 will be charged per trip. Breeder reserves the right to refuse Mare if not in satisfactory condition. If Mare is refused the booking fee shall constitute liquidated damages. Desert Roots, the Breeder, their agents or employees will not be held liable for accidents, escape, sickness, injury, or death to Mare and/ or foal. Signature of Mare Owner signifies his/her approval of the facility at which Mare and/or foal are to be kept during their stay.

    A copy of the mare’s registration papers, front and back, showing Mare Owner as the same person signing this contract, must accompany Mare to Breeding Farm. If this Mare is not registered, Mare Owner listed is actual owner and has authority to breed Mare. If Mare has more than one owner, all Mare Owners must sign this contract.

    Breeder agrees to diligently try to settle Mare; however, if Mare fails to settle, for any reason, Mare Owner will hold Breeder blameless. Mare Owner agrees to give Breeder ample opportunity to settle Mare. All FOALS FROM EB IBN FAREED ARE ELIGIBLE FOR REGISTRATION WITH AHR (American Horse Registry) and CAHR (Canadian Arabian Horse Registry).

    This contract contains a “Live Foal Guarantee LFG”. Live foal is described as a newborn that stands and nurses without assistance. If a foal is born dead, there will be return privileges for the next available season only, if Breeder is notified within 5 days of birth and receives a statement by a veterinarian confirming death of Foal, at no fault of the Mare Owner. If after being pronounced “safe in foal”, should the Mare miscarry, abort, or prove barren after leaving the Breeding Farm, Mare Owner has the privilege to return Mare for breeding during the current breeding season ending on August 31. The LFG becomes null and void if the Mare is picked up from the Breeding Farm before a licensed veterinarian has examined her by palpitation or ultrasound and found Mare to be “safe in foal”, or Mare is returned to training or competition after being pronounced “safe in foal”. This contract is non-transferable for LFG. A $150.00 chute fee will apply on return mares, along with applicable mare care. NO BOOKING OR BREEDING FEES WILL APPLY.

    A “Breeder’s Certificate” will be issued for the foal, conceived by this mating, when stallion breeding fees and all other expenses have been paid in full, and when Mare has produced a live foal by this mating.

    If Mare dies or becomes unfit for breeding prior to becoming pregnant, then Breeder will accept an approved substitute for breeding. If the Stallion dies, is sold, or becomes unfit for breeding prior to settling the Mare, the Mare Owner may apply all money paid toward breeding to another stallion owned by Breeder.

    It is recommended by Breeder that Mare be vaccinated for Rhino pneumonitis (killed virus vaccine) during the 5th, 7th, and 9th month of pregnancy. Also annual boosters for VEW, Tetanus, Flu, Rhino, and Rabies is recommended to be given to Mare 30 days prior to foaling as well as regular worming. All pre-natal care is the reasonability of the Mare Owner.

    This contract represents the entire agreement between the parties. No other agreements or promises, verbal or implied, are included unless specifically stated in this written contract. VACCINATION OF EB IBN FAREED WILL BE COMPLETED EVERY YEAR, PRIOR TO THE COMENCMENT OF THE BREEDING SEASON.

  • This contract is entered into, in the Province of Ontario and will be interpreted and enforced under the laws of that Province. If any clause in this contract is against Provincial Law, then that clause shall be null and void.

    ***** Upon signature of Mare and Breeder, this contract will then be binding on both parties, subject to the above terms and conditions.****
  • Stallion Owner, Reg Lowther
    Address: 253 Peters Rd
    Colborne, Ontario. Canada
    By checking the box above, you agree to all terms stated in this Contract.
    By checking the box above, you agree to all terms stated in this Contract.
  • Make cheques payable to:

    Reg Lowther


    e-Transfer payments to: